Monday, August 21, 2006

What's so different

Tonight marks my third or fourth visit to New Britain Stadium. It amazes me, that outside of drawing from the largest pocket of people in the state and essentially serving as Hartford's minor league team, New Britain draws much better than the Defenders. OK, so the Defenders play in the middle of a semi-developed business park. OK, but the atmosphere is more festive here.

What I want to know, as a recent transplant to Norwich, is why?

Does a hidden ballpark really keep you from games?


skip sceery said...

New Britain is accessible from every major highway in the Hartford/Springfield area. Norwich is off Route 2 and into a maze of town roads,making it more difficult to get to. But, New Britain used to have similar attendance problems as Norwich is now experiencing. They fixed it with solid management and aggresive marketing. I have no suggestions as to what the magic formula is to solve the low turnout in Norwich, but Lou's staff has yet to find it.

I do believe, however, its got to begin with the youth. Get the school busses into the parking lot for those spring day games. And get the Coast Guard cadets here as often as their schedule will allow. They make noise, have fun, and spend dough at the concession stands and the souvenior store.

Lou has an out in one or two years and I don't want to see it exercised. Attending baseball games is one of the few activities I still enjoy that arthritis hasn't taken from me. I don't want to lose it because of a lousy Profit and Loss Statement.

Sorry, I didn't mean to write a thesis, but, if the team moved, I would miss Dodd, the friendly folks working there, and watching the young up and coming prospects.

greg8370 said...

And get busses to the Sub Base as well