Sunday, August 20, 2006

Never easy

That's the best way to describe road games. Even against a team that appears to be a lesser club than your own.

After today's 1-0 loss at Erie, I think it is safe to say the Defenders are playing more for pride and in the name of competition than trying to make a play for the postseason. That's just not in the cards.

James Garcia and R.D. Spiehs pitched very well. This was Garcia's best outting of the season. And for Spiehs to go out there and eat up three hard innings, says something about him. He's a fighter and isn't about to give up on the season or his teammates.

Not giving up on teammates has been a sentiment echoed frequently in the Connecticut clubhouse. To a man, they feel they are playing for themselves and each other. Maybe a bad season makes you wonder if your career is in jeopardy, but any professional ball player should know to play hard every at-bat.

Tomorrow, the team comes home -- sort of. They are back in the state but over in New Britain for a three-game set against the Rock Cats. This would be a great opportunity for Defenders fans from across the state to come out and try to negate ausually string crowd in New Britain.

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