Sunday, August 20, 2006

How are they doing?

With the season set to conclude in roughly two weeks, this would be a great time to check how those who have played with the Defenders this season are doing in other levels of the organization.

San Francisco Giants:
Eliezer Alfonzo .283 10 HR, 29 RBI

AAA Fresno:
Pat Misch 2-1, 4.29
Johnathan Palmer 5-2, 3.30
Billy Sadler (one perfect inning since called up)
Jonathan Sanchez 1-2, 4.32
Justin Knoedler .263, 4 HR, 27 RBI
Clay Timpner .273, 2 HR, 14 RBI

A San Jose:
John Armitage .152, 1 HR 4 RBI
Alex Requena .321, 0 HR 12 RBI

It's too early to really predict what these numbers translate into because in many cases, the player hasn't been at his current level for a half season. I do think, however, that the pitchers in AAA aren't too far from making appearances in the majors. Mostly because of the age of the pitching staff in San Francisco. I suspect Sanchez, who's already been to the bigs, will be a September call-up. As should Palmer. Misch and Sadler are likely a year - year and a half away.


skip sceery said...

Here's my favorite. Brian Mazone led the Gators in wins last year and was not re-signed by the Giants. He signed with the Phils and has put together quite a season with S/WB in the Int'l League. He's 11-3 with excellent stats. It bothers when a team gives up on a left handed pitcher. I doubt if Brian will be a Sept call-up, but it wouldn't surprise me to see him get a shot in 2007 spring training.

skip sceery said...


Meant to ask you...What was the result of MRI Ishikawa had last week? We going to see him again this year?


Joe said...


I had heard about Mazone when I arrived in Norwich and didn't understand the Giants' thought process in letting him go. Especially since he is a lefty.

Let's play make believe for a moment. What if we add Mazone to the Defenders rotation with the numbers he had this year. Where would the Defenders be?

I have a hard time saying they are a lock for the playoffs because I don't think one player makes that much of a difference unless they are a stud prospect.

As for Ishikawa's MRI...when I spoke with officials with the Defenders, I was told the Giants were examining the results and they would make a decision on what to do with Travis.

I can tell you this: Ishikawa did take fielding practice during the week.