Thursday, August 31, 2006

Now it is time for the bad

Last week I asked for the positives. Today I want to know about the negatives of this season.

We can talk about off-field issues like the weather or schedule. What about the hot start to the season but having to deal with some seriously ugly losing streaks? How about injuries or key players being called up at bad times for the Defenders?


greg8370 said...

The total lack of offense for basically the entire season. How many times were they shut out and how many were 1-0?
Again, no playoffs for the fourth season in a row and only one position player developed you can point to (Nate, thanks to the 24 game hit streak that just ended) with any real hope.

skip sceery said...

The two biggest negatives this year were Machemer and hitting and I'm not sure they shouldn't be meshed into one. Without being privy to what goes on in the clubhouse or on the field before a game, I still think Machemer is the biggest problem.

I don't know what it was, but there was more to Walter's sudden retirement than what was reported in the Bulletin. That comes directly from a source close to the ball club. It points to Mach, but I can't be completely sure.

I also believe some of these players were badly overrated and they just couldn't catch up to EL pitching. If they can't hit here, how are they go to hit in the "bigs?"

Game attendance stunk..again.. and while the weather was a factor, the summer crowds never appeared until the last home stand. Someone ought to try to figure out why. I still think the team marketing has a long way to to go.

And finally, my biggest bitch..why can't they play every April home game during the day? It's not going to hurt attendance, and it might even help.