Thursday, August 24, 2006



That's the best word to describe last night's 14-4 loss at New Britain. Let's be honest, if anyone expected Garrett Broshuis to match the results Jesse Floyd and Chris Begg, it was unrealistic. That's not to say Broshuis couldn't do it, because he can. But after two straight gems, a third is highly unlikely.

Both Broshuis and Jason Waddell hurt themselves in the sixth inning by not making pitches. Broshuis put the first two batters on with a walk and hit batter. Then he gave up three straight hits. Waddell came in and didn't do much better. You can't let the first batter on base and if you do, you have to make good pitches.

Dave Machemer said an issue was these guys hadn't pitched in a few days. I say, so what? These guys are professionals and they need to be prepared.

Anyhow, the team comes home tonight to face Reading.

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skip sceery said...

Well, I was going to let this one pass, but I just can't do it. Does Machamer have any idea how stupid he sounds with the lame excuse he used on the pitching. Broshius was on his usual rest. Waddell has stunk lately and I'm sure Steamer had something to do with his between games inactivity. Probably an "owie" or added bullpen sessions.

I've had it with this guy. Can anyone name one position player who has improved under his watch? I can't think of one. If the Giants send him back next year........