Sunday, August 13, 2006

Injury update

Firstbaseman Travis Ishikawa hasn't be in the lineup for the past few games. The reason? Ishikawa has a sore wrist for which he will undergo a MRI later this week. While the prospect is not on the disabled list, don't expect to see him in a game until after the MRI results are in. Ishikawa is on the San Francisco Giants' 40-man roster so don't expect the Defenders to take any chances with the player's health.


skip sceery said...


1) What is going on with this team? It took all weekend to let us know TI has a injury? DiBella and crew have the lousiest PR I can remember in my "loong" life! Norwich deserves a team, I'm not sure it deserves the current management.

2) Can you find out what the distance is to right and left center at Dodd and how accurate the 401' to center is?

VonSchell28 said...

Is there any idea est. On how long Travis shall be out... as being that now Tyler von schell has been playing alot in his place... any date on the MRI? I like both players so hopefully everything is okay with Travis.

Joe said...

Let me get back to you on the distances. I know it is 309 to the poles, but that doesn't help answer your question.

As for Travis, his MRI is scheduled for Monday. Once the results are in, we'll have a better idea of when he will return to action. My understanding from the people I spoke to at Dodd is that Travis' wrist is sore and the MRI is more of a precaution.

My feelings are that you shouldn't expect to see him in the Altoona series. I've been wrong before, so we can only wait and see.

Joe said...


According to the Defenders, right-center and left-center are approx. 395-feet from home plate.

skip sceery said...


395' seems highly improbable if center is 401'. From the mid-point of the outfield to dead center only goes back another 6' can't possibly right. Or the 401' is wrong, and center is much deeper. That I would believe. But still, I've never heard of 395' power alleys. Maybe in the range of 350' to 370'? Any thoughts on my logic?

Joe said...


The number I provided is straight from the Defenders' front office.

I understand your logic. On paper, sight unseen, one might say the power alleys would be the halfway point between the 309-ft foul pole and the 401 dead center. That would be 355.

That being said, the wall can jut quickly and as you approach the wall's deepest point in center, the wall merely rounds out.

Considering Dodd is viewed as a pitchers park, maybe 395 feet is accurate.