Sunday, August 27, 2006

This and that

I want to touch on a few points tonight and get your feedback.

First is Chris Begg. He's off to help Team Canada qualify for the Olympics. Honestly, I don't think we'll be seeing him on the field at Dodd Stadium ever again. Unless, of course, he's doing a rehab stint. He's probably been the Defenders' most consistant pitcher this year, at least that we will speak positvely about. Granted the season is all but over seeing the team can't afford to lose another game or have Portland win another game the rest of the way. But I think as we wind down the 2006 season and look back on what has really flown by, Begg will be a bright spot.

I'd like your thoughts on Begg and what else you thought went RIGHT. We will discuss the negatives later.

Next, as I reported in today's paper, the team cap will be seen regularly this season on the Gilmore Girls. Team owner Lou DiBella told me this was nothing less than a positve for the team and free exposure. Do you guys think having the logo seen, albeit, it will be small and on a hat. Will this exposure noticably help the Defenders in marketing themselves beyond the state of Connecticut?

Lastly, what are your thoughts on the series ESPN will be filming in town. This may delay the resodding of the field and the moving of the infield until next offseason. Is the trouble of hosting a production in Dodd not worth the inability to make changes? Is the increased business and any attention the city may get as a result far greater?

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skip sceery said...

Positives...Wow! Well, until the Misch and Sadler call-ups, I thought, top to bottom, this was the best pitching staff ever seen in Norwich. No doubt it was the best until the Palmer promotion. And Steamer handled them masterfully. As to Begg, his record speaks for itself, but I've never liked these midseaeon swoons he's been prone to.

The left side defense was pretty decent all year, especially Jake (inspite of the errors). He made some highlight reel type plays and was aggresssive all year, which lead to many of the errors.Buscher played a sound third base.

Nate...It's been fun watching him the last month, but even when he wasn't hitting, the D was there. His arm and speed add to the pleasure of watching him play.

Who are the Gilmore Girls?

Who is ESPN paying, Lou or the city? I hope they can get the new sod down and do something about the drainage. As far as shortening the fences, I'm against it. Let the Giants draft better hitters.

One more positive ....Bill Butler. He kept the field looking great all year. He probably won't be around next year, but let's hope his replacement is as proficient.