Friday, April 17, 2009


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Decker means business

Any night where there are fireworks at Dodd Stadium, the Defenders like to escape the parking lot before the fans do.

Not any more. And not under Steve Decker.

Upset at how his team hit in the home opener Thursday, Decker called all the hitters together for a meeting at the indoor batting cage. Whenever someone misses a sign or fails to do their job at the plate, on the mound or in the field, they have a postgame meeting with Decker.

Thursday, he wanted players to understand their job. Tyler Graham bunted with two strikes because that is what he was supposed to do. What Graham was also supposed to do was to give up his at-bat for the good of the team. He didn't, fouling off the pitch and making the at-bat twice as wasteful.

It's not the "Giants Way," as Decker said.

I like this guy.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sounding fuzzy

For those at the game, you know what I'm talking about here. The speakers sounded funny, almost bsted. Supposedly, one of the speakers was not connected properly and as a result we hear a poor quality sound. Expect that to be fixed for Friday's game.

Let's get started

It's Day One of the home portion of the schedule, and I'm excited. It never feels like the season has really started until there's been a home game.

The crowd hasn't been allowed in, but there's already a nice gathering outside of Dodd Stadium for what is the team's final home opener.

I like what I've seen and heard so far from new skiper Steve Decker. He's no nonsense and that should show on the field. We'll see.

Plus, there are fireworks tonight.

Monday, April 06, 2009

2009 Roster

I'm a bit disappointed. I figured after last year's success with Sandoval, etc. that we would see some Giants love with the likes of Posey and Alderson. Guess again.

Plus, EVERYONE'S favorite is back. Yep, EME.

No. Pitchers Bats Throws HT WT Born Resides Last Year
9 Steven Edlefsen B R 6'2 180 6/27/1985 Bloomington, MN San Jose
14 Jesse English* L L 6'3 220 9/13/1984 Vista, CA San Jose
40 Jesse Foppert R R 6'6 215 7/10/1980 San Franciso, CA Fresno
45 Dan Griffin R R 6'7 245 9/29/1984 Schenectady, NY SJ/Fresno
49 Waldis Joaquin* R R 6'2 235 12/25/1986 Villa Tapia, DR Aug/San Jose
54 Daryl Maday R R 6'2 220 8/12/1985 Bristol, WI Aug/SJ/Conn
19 Brooks McNiven R R 6'5 180 6/19/1981 Vernon, BC, Canada Connecticut
39 Mike Musgrave R R 6'2 199 4/10/1984 Ocala, FL San Jose
51 Daniel Otero R R 6'3 205 2/19/1985 Coral Gables, FL Aug/San Jose
18 Joe Paterson R L 6'1 210 5/19/1986 McMinnville, OR Aug/ San Jose
22 Nick Pereira R R 6'0 190 9/22/1982 Cupertino, CA Fresno/San Jose
31 Henry Sosa* R R 6'2 195 7/28/1985 El Seybo, DR SJ/Augusta
No. Catchers Bats Throws HT WT Born Resides Last Year
28 Tyler LaTorre (DL) L R 6'0 219 4/22/1983 Santa Cruz, CA San Jose
35 Jackson Williams R R 5'11 200 5/14/1986 Tulsa, OK Aug/San Jose
17 Adam Witter L R 6'1 229 2/17/1983 Greenville, NC Connecticut
No. Infielders Bats Throws HT WT Born Resides Last Year
10 Brian Bocock* R R 5'11 185 3/9/1985 Dayton, VA Fresno
5 Brock Bond (DL) B R 5'10 195 9/11/1985 St. Louis, MO Augusta/SJ
7 Brad Boyer L R 6'0 185 10/4/1983 Camarillo, CA SJ/Connecticut
41 Andrew D'Alessio L R 6'4 227 9/23/1984 Naples, FL San Jose
8 David Maroul R R 6'2 210 2/15/1983 Benbrook, TX Connecticut
48 Brett Pill R R 6'4 211 9/9/1984 Covina, CA San Jose
15 Sharlon Schoop R R 6'2 191 4/15/1987 Willemstad, Curacao San Jose
No. Outfielders Bats Throws HT WT Born Resides Last Year
20 Bobby Felmy III L L 5'10 194 4/29/1984 Sunbury, PA San Jose
21 Tyler Graham (DL) R R 6'0 180 1/25/1984 Great Falls, MT San Jose
12 Eddy Martinez‐Esteve R R 6'2 215 4/14/1983 Miami, FL Connecticut
34 Mike Mooney R R 6'1 205 6/8/1983 Hillsborough, CA SJ/Fresno/Conn
6 Antoan Richardson B R 5'8 165 10/8/1983 Nassau, Bahamas Connecticut