Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Road weary

The Defenders dropped another tough road loss Monday night against the Altoona Curve. This has been a positive road trip, albeit, it comes too late to make a difference in the end result of the year. There has been a lot of positives to take from a 4-3 trip so far. The bane of the Defenders' season has been the inconsistant offense. Yet, the bats have been producing more it seems over the past seven games than they might have for any other comparable stretch.

Let's not twist matters. The year has been less than expected and even a late push towards .500 does nothing more than put a silver lining on things. Consolation prizes are not what fans of the team want to see.

I spoke to Manager Dave Machemer while the team was in Binghamton. He sounded tired from being on the road. And really, who can blame him? A few of the guys had expressed to me their dislike of the road especially having played so many games over the past month away from home.

Don't worry Defenders, two more games...two more games.


skip sceery said...

Well, I already expressed my opinion about the current road trip, but overall, I thought this years schedule was good and bad. The good being no team came to Dodd more then three times which allowed some teams from the Southern Division come in twice. The bad is the home dates were somewhat front loaded in April and May, which is not good for a team trying to improve their attendance.

I think an ideal schedule would be to have all the inter-division games played between May and July, leaving August games against division rivals. In a tight race, as now exists in both divisions, the games would be more meaningful, attendance should be helped, and the travel in the dog days would be reduced. Probably too logical for the EL schedulers.

On a seperate subject, I've heard through two different sources the fences at Dodd may be moved in next year. Here's one vote against. If it does happen, I hope they don't make it a band box. Too many people blame Dodd for all kinds of offensive futility, when usually the complaintant only has to look in the mirror.

greg8370 said...

Agree with Skip again on this. It's a shame when the team was done with Trenton (Yankees) at home for the year by the the first week of May.
Ditto for moving the infield "out" as reported in the Say today.

Joe said...

The schedule was poorly constructed. The team did take advantage of the schedule in April, so maybe if it was better balanced they would be further back in the standings. That said, the schedule makers need to reconsider their planning.

As for the stadium fences being brought in, I think it is a rash decision by the Defenders and/or Giants. The fact of the matter is the team didn't hit well. Let's say the fences come in, how many more runs do the Defenders score? Let's say they score two more runs a game at home? You have to assume the road team does, too. Two more runs a game won't mean more wins nor will it mean more fans. Why? The stadium is in a bad location.