Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Roster thoughts

I earlier said I doubted Brian Bocock was en route to Norwich. I have to step away from that claim. Fresno placed Bocock in "extended spring training," which means he's either back with the Grizzlies or here by Friday.

This opens a slew of other moves. First, Jake Wald or Olmo Rosario are leaving here. If you want to count Rosario as an OF, than it's Wald who's on his way out of town. The problem then becomes five OFs, three spots and one of them (Eddy Martinez-Esteve) has to become you're every day DH. That also means that between Rosario, Ben Copeland, Antoan Richardson and Carlos Sosa, one is gone. Rosario may go up, but I think that's counter productive to everything the Giants seem to be doing.

Matthew Downs isn't coming, he was just added to Fresno's roster. If he was coming to Connecticut, he would have been added directly.

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