Friday, June 20, 2008

Goodbye Ishi!

Travis Ishikawa, the Defenders first baseman for most of the past three years was promoted to Triple-A Fresno. He is in transit, but I hope to speak with him before the weekend is out.

He hit .291 with 8 homers, 48 RBIs, 34 runs and 10 steals this season.

Good luck and congratulations to Travis.

Also, today is the last day with the Defenders for head grounds keeper Mike Cannistra. He is off to serve as the No. 2 groundsman with the New York Mets.


thehondohurricane said...

Because many moons ago I too was a left handed first basemen, I could never dump on TI. This year appears to be his breakout year, and I wish him success in his continuing career. He always appeared to be a class act. And his son can sure motor around the bases.

Now, speaking of class acts, what the Hell is going on with the Defs. The restrooms haven't been upgraded, the lights may or may not be a problem still, but tonight was a disaster. First, a computer breaks down, so only two windows are open selling tickets. Result, a lot of people got into the game well after it started. Don't they have back ups available?

Of course the coup de gras was Johnny Gill and his stupid Sumo wrestling. This event held the game up for quite a while in threatening weather. The umps, the Eastern League, and the Rock Cats must be mighty upset.

Everyone likes to complain about the attendance, lack of support. etc. but tonight the Defs definitely shot themselves in the foot. How many people standing in those lines will be back?

Joe said...


I hear from a good source that the restrooms won't be done this season because someone not related to the team dragged their feet on getting part of the process completed.

I don't know what to say about the computer -- this is the first I've heard of it.

The sumo wrestling was a joke. Two radio stations gave the team free promotion and it turned into a circus. If I were anyone involved in or at the game, I would be bothered.

BTW: great memory of Ishikawa's son blowing Cutter out of the water on the bases. Even if Cutter wanted to win, he would have lost by 90 feet at best.

greg8370 said...

good luck to TI! the team will sure miss his defense at first..that's something that never left his agme when he was struggling at the plate.
One thing the Navigators (Yankees) did when things got backed up at the tickets windows was to use a couple of staffers as line busters. They had tickets already printed up for voucher exchanges and for reserve tickets and would conduct business outside of the ticket windows. It worked and the line at the ticket windows were left with folks that had upgrades, Triple A, Mohegan Sun deals etc.

That whole sumo wrestling thing has been a joke all season and I'm amazed the dizzy bat thing lives on as well.

Joe who's taking TI place on the roster if anyone and who is the backup 1B now? Rosairo, Sosa, or someone new?

Joe said...

Right now, there isn't really a back up at 1B. It's Simon Klink and that's it. There doesn't seem to be an addition to the roster until Monday.