Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Random thoughts as the witching hour closes

I really liked Dave Maroul at first base. Speaking with Bien Figueroa following the game, he said that San Jose skipper Steve Decker told him in a conversation Tuesday that Maroul is such a good athlete that he can play anywhere. I think we saw that Tuesday as Maroul looked smooth at first.

Could ultra utility player be Dave's calling? He shifted from third to short a couple years ago to accommodate new teammate Pablo Sandoval's attempt to play third. Now we see Maroul moving across the diamond.

This likely spells the end of Simon Klink's stint here, which is sad. He's one of the best guys to talk to. He's honest, funny and a stand up guy.

I also saw a more relaxed Ryan Rohlinger at the plate. His homer was well hit and he looked like he has the type of swing that works well at Dodd Stadium.

Here's another thought: Going back two series to when Connecticut went to New Hampshire, every game between now and into the second week of August is against Northern Division foes. Significance you ask? If the Defenders are going to make a push for the post season, it will be decided then. In all probability, we'll know by July 15-20. One win so far against Portland doesn't help matters.

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greg8370 said...

Portland is this year's Trenton