Tuesday, June 24, 2008

All-Star voting

It's time for me to turn in my ballot. This is how it works: one player for each position, a DH, four pitchers, the two best pitchers on the Defenders and the team's three best position players.

1B: Nick Evans, Binghamton
2B: Steven Tolleson, New Britain
3B: Wes Hodges, Akron
SS: Jason Donald, Reading
C: Lou Marson, Reading
OF: Lou Montanez, Bowie
OF: Jeff Corsaletti, Portland
OF: Roger Bernadina, Harrisburg
DH: Mike Carp, Binghamton
P: Michael Bowden, Portland
P: Jason Jones, Trenton
P: Chris Tillman, Bowie
P: Randy Newsom, Akron
Defenders pitchers: Joey Martinez and Osiris Matos
Defenders position players: Olmo Rosario, Kyle Haines and Ben Copeland.

1 comment:

VonSchell28 said...

Alright, i don't know about the other teams, but by your format this is who I'd put in.

Pitchers: Broshuis and Hedrick
Position: Copeland, Wald, and Witter