Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rehab assignment

There's a player on minor league rehab assignment participating in today's game. Sorry folks, it's not for the Defenders. The Pittsburgh Pirates have sent outfielder Chris Duffy to the Altoona Curve. Duffy is leading off and playing centerfield.


greg8370 said...

Giants would never send anyone here and havent since coming on board in 2003.
Anymore news on an affiliate change in '09?

Joe said...


I spoke with someone within the Florida Marlins organization who said he would love to see the fish leave the Southern League for the Eastern League.

He also said he would imagine something would have to be done with the outfield fences, something he's not a fan of.

I asked him if he understood the concern with the Giants not contributing to the cost and he said he sees both sides of the arguement.

Does that mean if Florida moves into Dodd that the fences have to be moved or will be moved? I don't know.

greg8370 said...

thanks for the update!

thehondohurricane said...

They don't really have to "move" the fences. All they need to do is put in a new fence in that would go straight across from the left and right outfield corners to the beginning of the green center field section. This would eliminate the existing arc and make the place more friendly to HR's. And that would mean only a portion of the warning track would have to modified,

Then Dodd would be like New Britain and a zillion other parks. Perhaps it could be arranged for these prima donnas to use aluminum bats too.