Monday, June 23, 2008

The newest Defenders is...

Third baseman Ryan Rohlinger. He joined the team today from San Jose. He hit .280 with 7 Homers and 46 RBIs.

What does this mean for Dave Maroul and Simon Klink? I think this means Maroul will be going to San Jose on Wednesday, since Klink can play first.


greg8370 said...

Dave has stuck out 74 times in 219 ABs with a OBP of .247. He has a bunch of errors as well.
Going down to SJ may work for him as Brian Buscher was totally overmatched in his first tour of duty in Double A and things have worked out pretty well for him since then.

Madtown Bomber said...

Have you heard anything about the Giants reassigning Brian Bocock to Norwich as soon as Thursday?

With the promised overhaul who else could be coming? Mooney? Downs after the injury situation in Fresno clears up? Any of the San Jose pitching staff? Maday coming back to Norwich?

Joe said...

Truth is, there may be more people coming down instead of up in the next week or so.

Bocock seems unlikely right now only because there are three middle infielders here. Unless one leaves, which is doubtful, Bocock makes no sense.

I do think Maday will be back, albeit a very pedestrian move based on the Giants' desire to shake things up right now.