Sunday, August 17, 2008

Surprise, surprise

I was filling out the Defenders box score for Monday's paper when I saw a name that caused a double take: Eliezer Alfonzo. Is this the Giants' idea of making amends for railroading the team's season? If so, it sucks.

Nothing against Alfonzo, who I've had the pleasure of talking with a few times, but he isn't Pablo Sandoval or Ryan Rohlinger. BTW: Pablo is progressing nicely with an irregular spot on the bench.

On a positive, congratulations are in order for former Defender Travis Ishikawa. Travis hit his first major league dinger today to help Tim Lincecum and the Gianst best the Braves.


Anonymous said... you understand the frustration of the sf giants fan...what was the point of bringing pablo up to be a backup catcher?

kid needs at bats and time behind the plate

but i dont run the team, so what do i know?

greg8370 said...

Rohlinger and TI getting more playing time than Pablo. Play him or send him back!!!

Joe said...

I always understood the frustrations. That Pablo is sitting in S.F. and that he could do that next month after a Defenders playoff push is exactly what my column touched on last week.

Who calls up a catching prospect when you have a near all-star ahead of him and then sits the prospect?

OK, so you play him at first since Bowker was sent down...wait, can't do that, Ishikawa was called up, too.

The Giants have proven they have no clue how to run an organization and even less when it comes to managing its players. This is why the farm system is one of the worst.

thehondohurricane said...

After a few days of ranting and raving, here's where I'm at.

1. You guys are on the money about Pablo playing.
2.Moving Rohlinger was a mistake. He's not ready.
3. The Giant organization sucks.
4. The biggest loser is the Def's. Pablo, and Ryan to a lesser degree, were bringing fans to Dodd.
5. To Bud Selig: Reincarnate the St Louis Browns and send their AA farm to Norwich!

And a side issue: Joe, we were right about Elena, but somehow I don't think it's over.