Sunday, August 03, 2008

The not-so short ride home

Perhaps being dumbfounded is my fault. I suspected that the Defenders would have gone into Binghamton and done some damage, much like they have all season when visiting the Mets. I was partially correct. The damage done was to themselves.

Then, with a chance to rebound and even make up a little bit of the ground it lost in Binghamton, Connecticut is planted firmly on its face against New Hampshire.

Losing 1-run and 2-run games are tough, but knowing the defenders' track record, its a little easier to swallow. The 8-0 whipping tonight is unacceptable.

Amazingly, they are just barely within striking distance of second-place Portland.

Here are the problems, however: First-place Trenton comes in for three games starting Monday. Yes, Trenton lost a few players recently and pitcher George Kontos and Phil Coke, who were supposedly dealt to Pittsburgh, are now in Triple-A. All that considered, Trenton is still a good team.

Then the Defenders essentially play six games in four days with the Sea Dogs.

This from my make believe mailbag:

Q: If Connecticut sweeps all six games they will be in better position, right?
A: Yes, but they need more arms, fresher arms for that series and the team is still waiting on another middle infielder not named Dave Maroul.

The infielder becomes a lesser issue against Portland only because the need for arms trumps the need for a back up infielder. what SHOULD happen is whomever starts Wednesday would become inactive/disabled/reassigned. That player is replaced with another starter (Pucetas?) Then another pitcher needs to be added. Also, to make sure nothing else that would impede the team's chances of winning even four games, Olmo Rosario and Kyle Haines need to be at short and second, respectively.

OK, more mailbag.

This season — the last couple weeks in particular — are worse than any of the past few seasons. Why? There was the tease of hope, the faint smell of postseason play. I'd rather deal with five months of no chance in Hedes than watch the reward just dangle there and no one seem too interested in snatching it.

There are so few home dates left, and obligations have my number a little lower. If that happens to be the final season in Norwich for San Francisco, hopefully it will at least be an exciting stretch unlike that last week.


thehondohurricane said...

I just see the Giants kicking sand in the teams face again, otherwise when Nick P was demoted from Fresno, why did he end up in San Jose instead of here?
If a fresh arm or two are not on the way, this week could be brutal.

greg8370 said...

roger that

thehondohurricane said...

I guess Nick P is in SJ on rehab, but he couldn't do it here?