Monday, August 25, 2008

Moving forward

Now that there have been consecutive seasons with improved attendance combined with what should be a more favorable schedule next year, on paper the Defenders should have a more successful 2009 off the field.

Reading quotes from Lou DiBella in today's Bulletin, I'm not sure how sold the owner is on the team. Maybe I'm reading into things too much, especially since I haven't spoken to him recently, but he seems indifferent on affiliation and soured on ownership.

I know Lou would love to turn a hefty profit at Dodd, but it's not going to happen. Three hundred thousand fans a year won't happen. I do think 215,000 can. That wouldn't be worst or second worst in the Eastern League.

Could we see new ownership? It's possible. Could we see a new affiliation? I think it's all but done.

What I can tell you is Defenders fans have every reason to be excited about next season if for no other reason than the increased support. Hopefully it's a wave that continues to rise.

On a PDC note, look for the Yankees and Trenton to announce their extension sometime in the next two weeks.

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thehondohurricane said...

Well, I "vented my spleen" on Greg's blog. No sense in redundancy here, but if Lou doesn't find a buyer, I can't see AA ball be here much longer.