Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Crossing fingers

That is what the Connecticut Defenders are doing. We all know what happened the last time the team tied Binghamton for third place.

You have to give the Defenders a lot of credit. After the way the last road trip and the series with Trenton played out, no one would have been shocked if they laid down and died against Portland. Instead, they play their most inspired ball of the season and then Tuesday defeat the team with the EL"'s second-best record (Akron) on the road.

Since I had been away for the last few days, I will tell you that the general feeling in the clubhouse going into the Portland series and after the first win was one of confidence. It certainly appears to be the case.

With just over two weeks left in the season, there are three teams within two games for the final Northern Division playoff spot. Who gets it?

This is the breakdown of each team's remaining schedule.
2 vs. Altoona
3 vs. Harrisburg
3 at Altoona
3 at Harrisburg
5 vs New Britain, including a DH
4 vs. New Hampshire

2 vs. Reading
3 at Bowie
3 vs. New Hampshire
3 vs. Bowie
3 at New Hampshire
3 at New Britain

2 at Akron
3 at Erie
3 vs. Akron
3 vs. Erie
4 at Reading
3 at Trenton

Looking just at the schedule, it's not looking so good for the local team. I'd say the one-two punch of a two-game lead and the schedule should be enough for Portland to hold on. That being said, how significant was the collapse on the recent road trip to Binghamton and New Hampshire. If my memory serves me correct, Connecticut lost three games in the standing. That's how close the Defenders may have come to the playoffs. At this late juncture, it's sad if the last 18 don't count as much as eight games played over a week ago.

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