Friday, August 22, 2008

Last time

Alas, that day I've not looked forward to has come: My final Defenders game. As I make the jump over to UConn football season, there will still be Defenders coverage from me and others over the next week-plus.

It didn't really hit me until I stepped into the clubhouse and said my goodbyes to the guys. Between the Giants and Norwich likely ending their relationship and my hope that these guys advance, the chances of ever seeing any of them again are slim to none.

The guys who have been here the last two years or more, especially Garrett Broshuis, Simon Klink, Justin Hedrick, Brooks McNiven and Dave McKae have been a pleasure to talk to and get to know. I'm just as honored to have gotten to work with Adam Witter, Kyle Haines, Joey Martinez, Olmo Rosario, Carlos Sosa, Nate Bump, Paul Oseguera (funny dude) and Antoan Richardson to name a few more.

Seasons continue to amaze me with how quickly they fly. It makes one appreciate the times when you stop to hear the crack of the bat or the pop of the glove.

While there's more to come, I just want to thank you, the reader and the baseball fan. I get to live out my second dream (short of playing) by spending my summer at the ball park and bringing you the happenings with the Connecticut Defenders.


greg8370 said...


Thanks for your time and effort in providing us die-hards your insights and thought. Thanks also for seeking us out at the ballpark for some one on one conversions.
It's true, the seasons just kind of flys by.
Good Luck with teh UCONN football gig; it should be fun.


thehondohurricane said...


Ditto Greg's comments from me also. The pre-game talks were lots of fun. We not only solved a lot of the Def's problems, but we made Geno's upcoming season a lot easier for him too!

Look forward to seeing you in April.