Sunday, August 17, 2008

New GM in Trenton

Trenton will announce a new GM on Monday. Considering how bad things have been with the Defenders and his ties to the New York City area, I called Defenders GM Charlie Dowd to see if he was relocating. Relax, he told me that he's staying put.

On another note, after a few days of phone tag, Charlie gave me the impression he's none to pleased with last week's roster moves. He spoke with Giants Director of Player Personnel Bobby Evans, who I am sure couldn't have cared less.

Dowd's take was that Evans and the Giants are either clueless about what's happened here in the last month-plus or actually believe that Ryan Rohlinger and Pablo Sandoval are going to make a difference this season in San Francisco.

This latest move may have been the move that turns the Giants into an absolute worst-case option in October.

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greg8370 said...

However, I still think we (Defenders and Giants) are stuck with each other next year.