Monday, August 04, 2008

Copeland gone

Defenders outfielder Ben Copeland was promoted today to Triple-A Fresno. Outfielder Mike Mooney is coming tomorrow from Single-A San Jose.

Mooney's numbers: .272, 10 HR, 25 RBIs. pitcher.


thehondohurricane said...

I got a bitch and it's not team related. Last night I made a list of what I call "Stadium issues." They are:
1. The clock on top of the scoreboard, will it ever work?
2. Ditto for the Pitch Speed
3. The bottom section of the scoreboard is out again and a lot of the YTD player stats in the upper section were missing.
4. And last and the most despicable. Due to normal bodily functions, I had to use the Men's Room. It's odor was noticeable on the concourse, inside was close to a sewer. Several urinals were not working and had been used. I wondered if it would be healthier not to wash my hands. (I did) I don't know if the restroom on the 1st base side is in similar condition or not, but my guess is it's a too.

Last week I made several posts on Mike Ashmore's blog defending Dodd after a post was made calling the stadium a dump. Well, shame on me, they were right.

The team has been away for a week, a new backstop screen was put up, but the restrooms were ignored? I just find the goings on around and inside Dodd mind boggling. Between the city and team, does anyone care?

VonSchell28 said...

In reply to thehondohurricane:

I normally sit on the first base side, and the women's restrooms are pretty bad too. about half the toilets are out of order. there is water everywhere. Half the sinks don't work and usually the counters are a mess.

And the clock... I don't even remember it working when it was the navigators. cause didn't they have tator the gator next to it or something? unless I don't remember. I was like 14/15 when it was the last season of the navigators.

lbs167 said...

Congrats to Ben. His hustle earned him his Ticket. Maybe some other defenders with better batting averages will take note!