Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Getting back to it

It's been way, way, way too long since I've been able to see the Defenders and Tuesday should end that dry spell. Being out of town for a wedding over the weekend cost me the Rock Cats series. I always enjoy when the Defenders face their in-state rivals. There seems to be a little more edge to the games.

Speaking of dry spells, that's what opposing lineups are going through against Chris Begg. Begg was less than impressive in his first start, but he has been solid since.

While he has been as good as expected, the lineup continues to struggle, baffle, frustrate and annoy. There is potential but who knows what it is going to take for that potential to rise up. My thing is this: this isn't a power lineup, so why can't they string singles/doubles/walks together?

For starters, these guys strike out A LOT. When you swing at bad pitches, you cut down on possible walks and good pitches that could be put into play.

The upcoming series with Altoona should be entertaining. A Pittsburgh affiliate, there are some good prospects on the Curve that you don't want to miss. Andrew McCutcheon and Neil Walker are the two most prominent. Walker was a catcher -- he hit his first AA homer at Dodd last year -- and is now a third baseman.

Let's hope for some decent crowds and a trio of Connecticut wins.

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