Friday, May 25, 2007


Travis Ishikawa is not with the team as he is with his family following the passing of his grandmother. Let's all keep the Ishikawa family in our thoughts and prayers.

Simon Klink injured his left shoulder diving for a ball in New Britain last weekend and is looking to take BP Monday. He told me tonight that he is feeling better every day but because of the nature of his injury he and the team are taking things day-by-day.

Also in town is former Giants manager Felipe Alou. Look for more on this over the weekend.

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greg8370 said...

I know it's second guessing but when you've lost 5 in a row and the hole in last place is just getting bigger to climb out of I'm amazed that Mac didn't have Velez stealing second OR third before/after Jake's bunt. Velez is clearly the fastest guy on the team. Then of course Trenton's run is helped by their steal of second just makes it look worse.

Thanks for asking Mac the question and the player updates.

Hopefully a good size crowd for Tyler tonight which does put things in perspective--that's it's basically a game when it's all said and done.