Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Something about Trenton

Its their pitching staff. That's the only explaination why the Defenders have barely mustered runs against them this.

You can point to inept efforts against New Hampshire and to a lesser extent New Britain, but when you look at the numbers, the Defenders simply can't touch the titans' pitchers.

There have been signs of life for the Defenders' lineup. Carlos Sosa has shown a lot of signs of potential thump to the offense. He hit for average and decent power a year ago, and while Dodd Stadium may prohibit him from exploding, he should do fine in time. Manager Dave Machemer told me that its been high on his to-do list to give Sosa as much of an opportunity to show what he can do as possible.

In eight games, he's hitting .296. He's only driven in two runs, which is teh same number of times he's drawn a walk. He's struck out six timers. Sosa is going to have to learn better plate discipline if he wanst to advance onto Triple-A or the Majors.


greg8370 said...


Can you get a Travis, D-Mac injury update? Thanks!

Joe said...

I can tell you that D-Mac is at least a week away, probably more. He's heading to extended Spring Training to rehab his knee and get some work in before he re-joins the team.

As for now, Ishikawa is day-to-day.

thehondohurricane said...

If my memory is close to accurate, I remember TI had a similar wrist injury either in Norwich or the fall league last year. Could he be looking at some type of recurring "owie" that may require a long term rehab or possible surgery? Is it the same wrist? If the old injury never properly healed, that might account for why he's looked so lousy at the plate.

Joe said...

It is the same wrist, which is why he looked bad in the fall league. All accounts were that he looked good at the end of the spring, so I'm not sure how much is the wrist didn't heal opposed to re-injury.

The team tends to be secretive with that much detail, partly because it hurts a player's value and also it influences scouting.

thehondohurricane said...

It's 0 to 0, bottom of the fourth on Thursday evening and TI is playing first base.