Thursday, May 03, 2007

Begg's delight

Chris Begg, the Connecticut Defenders' top pitcher, was recalled to Triple-A Fresno following Thursday's game. The promotion was confirmed by Fresno Grizzlies media relations director, Ralph Rendon. Begg, who is 2-0 with a 2.21 ERA for the Defenders, has hurled 21 consecutive scoreless innings.
Begg's presence in Fresno became necessary as the Giants are expected to recall top prospect Tim Lincecum to replace Russ Ortiz, who is on the 15-day disabled list because of an inflamed nerve in his right elbow.
After a solid 2006 campaign with the Defenders, Begg had anticipated starting the season in Triple-A. Ironically, it was the Giants' signing of Ortiz and Lincecum's emergence that kept Begg with the Defenders.
"Its's tough coming back here, I'm not going to lie," Begg said prior to the season. "It's hard, but I'm going to take the mound and put up numbers and try to achieve the goal of making it to the big leagues."
Begg is scheduled to start tonight against Las Vegas.


greg8370 said...

Good. And good luck Chris!

Joe said...

If wins and losses of minor league teams meant that much, then why is Dave Machemer still manager? The answer is because he's helped develop talent to the Giants' satisfaction. Also, the field is enough of a concern to the Giants that the infield is being moved back for next season. Trust me, the Giants want to see better offensive production.

I recall not too long ago when the Yankees' AAA team in Columbus was winning and making the playoffs but there weren't any real prospects. Ask the Yanks if they would rather have developed prospects or had the Clippers winning and they would tell you they'd want the prospects.

The Giants liked to brag during the offseason how their minor league affiliates had the highest winning percentage, particularly Single-A. Why? Because it makes people think they are getting the best players from a winning team. Not only does that not translate, but it is a gimic. People watch American Idol expecting highly talented musicians but instead you get Sanjaya. The secret to his success? A gimic.

I don't think a month is enough to decide who can and can't hit. EME has historically hit on every level until the last month, Horwitz doesn't hit for power and there are a bunch of guys who are adjusting to this level.

Cove Shots said...

Hey Joe,

I saw that EME was taken out of today's game after stealing second base in the fourth inning. With EME's injury problems, I'm immediately worried. Any word on his status?

Joe said...

I haven't heard anything about EME's injury yet. I'm not on teh road with them, so I haven't been able to get much info. Let me get back to you on that later today.