Thursday, May 31, 2007

Full strength and a little lighter

After Simon Klink was placed on the DL and Darren Sack was sent down to San Jose, the Defenders are at full strength today as Dave McKae and Alex requena arrive into town today.

Sack really struggled with the Defenders -- his ERA was over four runs worse than the next highest on the team.

If you recall, Alex Requena spent time with the team in April and when he was demoted, he was leading the Eastern League in stolen bases. Manager Dave Machemer doesn't plan on playing the speedy outfielder every day. Happy with the results of the Sosa-Dobson-Bowker trio, Requena will give one of those guys a day off or slide in when there is a DH.

On a related note, Eddy Martinez-Esteve is "not ready" to play yet as he is not fully healthy.

McKae will fall into Sack's slot in the roatation is will take the mound this weekend.

Also, a few of the guys are sporting shorter, more aero dynamic haircuts. If you were at Wednesday's game, you may have seen Nick Pereira charting pitches with tonight's starter, Garrett Broshuis. Pereira looked like a completely different person.

Maybe the new look and the new life in the bats will mean a turn for the better.

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greg8370 said...

opps! Obviously I didn't recognize Nick either.