Thursday, September 10, 2009

Star-studded event

We have some big names in the house tonight. Senator Christopher Dodd anfm cough-cough, EL President Joe McEachern.


greg8370 said...

you guys exchanged addresses for XMAS cards right?

Joe said...

I have to say, the Senator was very nice despite what seemed like one person's attempt to keep him from most of the print media.

McEachern was pleasant, too, and very generous with his time.

I'll be honest, the impression I got from him was that he was impressed by the turnout at Dodd Stadium these two games.

He wants affiliated ball here and reaffirmed his promise to get such a team to whatever market loses a team to Richmond.

That said, he said an announcement will come after the league championship, which is much later than he wanted.

Kelly said...

Senator Dodd sounded very nice as he was chatting with Brian Irizarry on the air.

greg8370 said...

Any why is Lou talking about a Cape Cod type deal for Dodd? Is he lowering exceptions re: a short season team already?