Saturday, September 12, 2009

Makes you say, "Hmmmm."

The Eastern League isn’t admitting the Connecticut Defenders are relocating to Richmond, Va., after this season, but the New Britain Rock Cats are.

In a 2010 schedule included as part of a press packet for the playoff series with the Defenders, New Britain has itself traveling to play the Defenders in April following a series at Bowie (Md.) and again in June before heading to Altoona (Penn.). The logistics of going between Norwich and either Bowie or Altoona are prohibitive.

Brought to the attention of Rock Cats management, all remaining packets were removed.


greg8370 said...

Joe, looking at those 2010 schedules could you tell if they had created a third division?

Joe said...

No. The schedule had a key which listed all the teams. They were split into two groups of six with one set being the current Northern Division and the other the Southern Division.

In typical NB fashion, the Defenders are never listed as Connecticut. Just Defenders.