Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Some details

“It is a bittersweet day leaving Norwich,” McEacharn said. “I generated relationships there. We moved there. We feel an obligation to the community. We don't like to move teams. But the team simply could not withstand the financial pressure. They were losing money, a lot of it, on an annual basis, just to stay open.”

Lou DiBella will remain as team owner after months of attempts by the league to remove both the franchise from Norwich and DiBella from ownership. It was only after a long series of missteps that the league settled on keeping DiBella on board if it meant it being the only way to get the team into Richmond. DiBella will have  co-general partners, Gary Green of Alliance Baseball, LLC and Harvey Ross of Ross Holdings, LLC.

Triple-A Lehigh Valley (Penn.) is a joint venture between the ownerships of Trenton and Reading with team President Chuck Domino becoming the Chief Executive Manager of the Richmond franchise. Also joining Joining Domino are Todd Parnell as the Vice President and COO and Bill Papierniak as the general manager. Also on hand was the parent club San Francisco Giants Director of Player Personnel Bobby Evans.

Connecticut’s lease at Dodd Stadium ran through 2012 with buy-out fees after each remaining season. To terminate the lease, the franchise has to pay the city a $140,000 termination fee. That, combined with other itemized fees, leaves ownership with a total bill of $247,171.19.
That bill is made up of:
n $47,777.56 for 2009 base rent
n $1,502.50 for 2009 attendance surcharge
n $41,510.59 for 2009 utilities reimbursement
n $140,000 for lease termination
n $8,952.97 for 2009 fireworks coverage
n $7427.77 for MV and PP takes and interest

The Richmond team name will be selected with a Name-the-Team contest.


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