Thursday, September 03, 2009


Jeanmar Gonzalez of...Akron...was named the EL's pitcher of the year. Compared to Madison Bumgarner, it's not even close who should have won.

Gonzalez: 10-4
Bumgarner: 9-1
Advantage: Bumgarner

Gonzalez: 3.38 ERA in 117.1 IP
Bumgarner: 1.91 ERA 106 IP
Advantage: Bumgarner

Gonzalez: 105 Ks
Bumgarner: 69 Ks
Advantage: Gonzalez

Gonzalez: .247 Avg against
Bumgarner: .201 avg. against.
Advantage: Bumgarner.

Gonzalez 110 hits allowed
Bumgarner: 80 hits allowed
Advantage: Bumgarner

Gonzalez: 36 walks
Bumgarner: 30 walks
Advantage: Even, considering innings pitched

I dare anyone to justify Gonzalez being named the best pitcher in the league when he's clearly not. The strikeouts aren't close, but neither is ERA, avg. or hits allowed. Understand that if Bumgarner were to pitch the number of innings (11.1) to draw even with Gonzalez, he would have to allow, on average, 2.6 hits per inning to even that stat. Think about that -- 2.6 hits per inning!!! That's not good. So, how, if Bumgarer basically has to be a bad pitcher for 11-plus innings just to be on par with Gonzalez in hits allowed, is the Akron pitcher better?

Bumgarner would also have to give up nearly two runs in each of those innings for their ERAs to match. Would you want a pitcher who allows essential 18 runs per nine innings? Didn't think so. But that's what Bumgarner would have to do to raise his ERA to that of Gonzalez. Gonzalez had two more games than Bumgarner, so in essence, those two games were ones that Gonzalez had the snot beat out of him which somehow makes him better.


Kelly said...

Well, I guess it's obvious who the MVP will be - Santana!!

Total BULLSHIT!! (sorry...)

greg8370 said...

Total BS 2.0

Kelly said...

Santana League MVP - is anyone surprised? Another "snub". I guess Akron is just so good that their players deserve ALL of the awards (except for one). REALLY pisses me off.