Saturday, September 12, 2009


Ramon castro was hit on the hand -- left, I think -- in the ninth inning. The ball deflected off his hand and hit his face. He is getting an X-ray done to see if he broke his hand or not. Expect Brad Boyer to play third tomorrow.

Also, Akron advanced to finals.


greg8370 said...

Get well Ramon. Joe any thoughts about Ari over GB?

Joe said...


Overall, NB does slightly better versus righties (.268 to 2.60), but against Connecticut, they just don't hit the southpaws.

Should NB win Sunday, Snyder goes Monday and GB will probably start Game 1 on Tuesday.

BTW: Wilmin Rodriguez looked bad. He rather walk a guy trying to bunt so there are first and second and no outs then take the out and have the runner on second.