Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Another snub or two

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Kelly said...

Great article. Looks like all of our Defenders in the running will also get the shaft. Unbelievable!!
Question - what is the difference between Rookie of the Year and MVP?

Joe said...


The Rookie of the Year goes to the player who, in his first year in the Eastern League, voters believe is the best.

For instance, Brock Bond would be a ROY candidate. He is also an MVP candidate.

MVP goes to the best player, according to voters. Akron's Carlos Santana will probably win the award. This is his second EL season. He couldn't have won ROY.

Kelly said...

Thanks, Joe. What a crock!!

greg8370 said...

We're the Rodney Dangerfield's of the EL. Both you and Kelly are right.

thehondohurricane said...

No question about the league awards being skewed, but in Decker's case, if only 24 voted, the geographical factor may have hurt.

But did Decker really get screwed? I'm not sure, because, at the risk of upsetting everyone, he has some area's to improve on.

Let me begin by saying this team should have won, but I'm not sure it would have if any of his predecessors were managing it.

He's got to get more aggressive on the field in defending his players. Last night McBryde gets tossed and Decker doesn't realize it until after the fact. What's he do..... gets into it with McBryde in the dugout. Mike has a temper and the staff should be looking to protect him, not escalate the situation.

Dan Griffen had a great outing on Sunday turning in 4 strong innings. Decker comes back to him on one days rest and Griffen is ineffective, losing the game. Deckers rational is he wants to know who he can count on in the play offs. It's nonsensical.

He's also got to get better at the double switch (which I hate to begin with). Earlier in the season he ended up with both Pill and EME unavailable in the late innings of a tie game which the Defs ended up losing.

But all in all, after some seasons past, this has been an enjoyable year. It was the first year in the upper levels for many of the players and the manager, and despite no recognition from their peers, it was a good year for all.