Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I have been debating what I wanted to blog about: David Ortiz or what I consider the worst mangerial move this season. I'll touch both subjects, just one will come later tonight.

What's really perplexing is the decision to play Dave Maroul at shortstop. I'd like to tell you what Bien Figueroa was thinking short of injury forcing his hand, but I can't. Even if I tried my best to find non-injury logic I just couldn't rationalize my thoughts.

The answer is that Bien Figueroa is simply trying Maroul at different positions. Tonight he is at secnd with Haines at short and Olmo Rosario in left field.

Here's the "logic": It's easily the most important series of the season and the Defenders choose to play a poor defensive player on consecutive days at positions that he should be worse at than the ones he's supposed to be good at.

Decisons like these are why the team won't catch Portland -- or Binghamton. If this was a matter of needing another middle infielder after Jake Wald was promoted last week, tell the Giants you need help. Don't put square pegs into round holes when they don't fit.


greg8370 said...

preaching to the choir here....

thehondohurricane said...

Is Bien this (fill in your own adjective) or is the Giant hierarchy behind these questionable moves?

What's really bugging me is the pitching. The starters can't pitch into the sixth inning, the Giants haven't come up with replacements for Romo, Matos, and now MvNiven. The bullpen will be worn out fast. How about sending someone in from Fresno and this new guy from the Brewers?

Another thing, Jake is doing well in Fresno so why can't Bocock come East? He's just sitting on his butt.