Friday, July 25, 2008

HR derby

Prior to a few weeks ago I hadn't swung a bat in seven years. Back then, I stunk. After a few sessions, I was hitting better than I had before; more contact, more power. Sorry, power is a loose term as it applies to me.

I actually took some cuts today before heading to Dodd Stadium. It was a disappointing session. I should have done better. Some of it was nerves and some was just lack of skill.

Truthfully, I was looking forward to today but became nervous this morning. It wasn't the type of nerves I had when I proposed to my wife, to give a point of reference. I was nervous that I'd make a fool of myself. Reality is that everyone is supposed to look foolish. Except if you can hit one 275 feet or better. Can I hit a ball that far? Yes. Will I is a question I don't know.

My goal all along has been make contact. Then as the field filled in, it was make contact and beat Norwich Mayor Ben Lathrop. He, I've been informed by Defenders jack-of-all-trades Johnny Gill, has withdrawn, as did Kevin Nathan of NBC. That means I'm in trouble.

Lee Elci is here, so is UConn football coach Randy Edsall. Both of whom should rake. Defenders pitching coach shold be a wild card in all this. So should Ch. 8's John Pierson, who has taken cuts with the derby's pitcher, Andy Baylock, throwing to him.

Where do I fall? If I get hot and don't swing at pitches too far above my waist, I may get a couple. If I lose my nerve or become over anxious, well, it'll be a quick 10 outs.


thehondohurricane said...

just relax and kick ass.

greg8370 said...

You did better than I would have.