Friday, July 18, 2008

If you were wondering

why Kelvin Pichardo pitcher just 1/3 of an inning Thursday night, the answer isn't because he's hurt. He's fine. My guess is with the all-star break, Bien Figueroa was trying to get as many guys into the game for the sake of work.

Many of you have asked about Chris Begg, he was released from San Jose this week. This seems to have more to do with Begg being part of Canada's Olympic team. His participation was an issue in the past, so it probably was again. In light of Begg's recent efforts to battle back from injury, the Giants probably insisted he stay with San Jose through August.

Also, no roster move yet to fill the last spot just yet.


thehondohurricane said...

Couldn't get registered on the Bulletin and I wanted to comment on your team assessment. My main difference with you is the starting pitching. Most of these guys are only going between 4 to six innings and they are going to wear out the bullpen. There isn't a strikeout pitcher among them and they all tend to get hit around. Broshuis has been especially ineffective his last two starts. Bump looks like he has hit a wall, which is not surprising considering how long he was out. Martinez is certainly the staff leader at this point and Snyder s/b be back at SJ. His off speed stuff may have fooled the A hitters but the AA hitters are treating him like batting practice. I think it's important for this staff to get better and the only way I see that happening is for a solid return by Bump and the other guys lasting longer into the games. Heck, even in his latest blog, GB mentions how the bullpen needed the recent break.

greg8370 said...

Brooks McNiven going to Beijing on Team Canada's Olympic baseball team with Begg.
Roster spot open on CT.

Joe said...

Good catch, Greg. I don't know why I didn't see that last night. My mind must be elsewhere!

lbs167 said...

Well I would agree with most of your assessment I have a different take on certain things.
Losing Travis sucks. even though he started out the year swinging at everything thrown his way he refind his swing and earned his spot at AAA. May he never come back. Replacing him with Maroul or Klink is a joke. Niether of them hits well enough to be at this level. they are essentially free outs or free innings when they bat right behind each other. to top it off maroul is a liability in the field. I m thinking its San Jose time or local rec leauge for them.
Witter seems to be hitting better since he came out from behind the plate. He needs to get his swing flatter but hopefully he will keep improving. I see him at 1st, DH, and back up catcher.
I like Haines at 2nd. Good eye. Decent speed. Good hands.
Shortstop: Rosario is not a Shortstop. 2nd on team in errors. needs to cut down on strike outs. Hits well and for power. Good speed. Makes a good outfielder. Turn half the strike outs into walks or hits and he is in the majors quickly.
You have Boyer at A ball who is hitting an astronomical .375 for power and decent bb/so ratio. Has good speed on the bases. It would be worth it to slide him or Haines to Shortstop.
3rd base: Rohlinger looks like the real deal for now. Although his throws to first seem to be a little weak. lets see how he looks in another 40 games.
Catcher. I like Witter as a catcher but he doesnt seem to hit well there. Hits better playing 1st. Handles staff well. Good backup catcher. Sandoval hits like a monster but still needs plate discipline. strikes out to much. Some concern that he cant get Snyder under control. The guy has been pitching to him all year. He looks good handling the rest of the staff but it is really Witters staff.
Outfield. Martinez-esteve best hitter on team. Great eye. Lazy. Lopes after fly balls. Seen one to many outs turned into hits because he wont hustle. If his range is truly that limited then he needs to move to first base or DH.
Copeland best outfielder. hits ok. Good power. Great speed. needs to cut down on strike outs to move up.
Richardson has crazy speed. Okay eye but just doesn't hit.
Sosa is Richardson without the speed and 2x more likely to strike out versus walk.
These two are a bad week away from being Klink.
Pitching: You have 6 pitchers with an era of less then 3.35. 3 starters and 3 closers. 3 of whom have better then a 2-1 so/bb ratio. Snyder is overmatched. has a decent fastball but his off speed stuff is fooling nobody. Between that and his uncanny ability to throw his pitches directly in to the middle of the plate is getting him killed. he needs to learn to throw low in the strike zone so that he induces groundballs instead of long hits.
Coach. I know you have to juggle players and try to develop them but you also need to win games.
it seems like every game you have one of your better/hot players sitting. most of them have had 60-70 games if not more to prove they belong. I.E., klink and Maroul shouldnt be playing at this level. Good athletes dont always make good ball players. Anybody remember Drew Henson? Great Athlete to the tune of Several million dollars in two sports. Didnt make it in either.
There must be a new guy playing Cutter because he is either bored or just decided to mail it in. Bring back the Guy who danced for every batter, greeted every Kid and entertained the fans.
Fans. Everybody Complains that nobody shows up to the games but we dont win consistantly. Its a beautiful park without a bad seat in the house. the concessions are priced reasonably. the ticket prices are decent. there are all sorts of promos for getting in free or reduced tickets. There was even 2 double headers both on beautiful days that were on a buy one get one free night and if you had kids with sports shirts they got in free. I took my family of 5,wife and 3 kids, for 10 dollar admission. another 15 dollars for food and we got to watch two games. Got to see Moisus Alou.To top it off my oldest two got to participate in on field events. What else can you do for 25 dollars with five people. Playing well consistantly puts butts in seats. Any Way just my opinion.