Tuesday, June 19, 2007


The Defenders have released pitcher Jeff Petersen and righty Taylor Wilding has been assigned from Single-A San Jose.


greg8370 said...

Hi Joe,

Any idea how long TI and Hinshaw will be on the DL?

Will Wilding be the new closer?

Did Petersen ask for the release? I can't remember the last time this team released someone during the season. Maybe Corey Erickson in 2003.


Joe said...

Travis isn't on the DL. The team is just waiting for the stitches in his right knee to heal bvefore they let him play.

Hinshaw shouldn't be gone too long. He'll miss his next start, but after that his return shouldn't be far behind.

As for Petersen, it was an organizational decision. I think the Giants weren't seeing enough progress from him to want to continue making an investment.

thehondohurricane said...

The scorecard the team was handing out last night clearly showed TI on the DL. I'm sure that was the motivation for Greg's question.

Joe said...

My fault -- there were no rosters available in the pressbox last night and when asked about TI, myself and others were told he was not on the DL.

I asked a minute ago and was told Ishikawa will likely miss the homestand and will be back after that.