Friday, May 15, 2009

Study hard

I've been told there will be significant movement early next week as a city commissioned a study to investigate the potential impact of a new stadium in Richmond.

What I'm hearing is that it's not good news if you are Bryan Bostic.

Where does that leave the Defenders? My guess is probably still gone but to a different ownership group. Likely, it will be one of the groups MiLB didn't want to look at/consider the first time through this process.

Joe McEacharn has said everything needs to be done by Aug. 1 in order to get the 2010 season logistics squared away. That leaves very little time.


greg8370 said...

Where does another Richmond ownership group magically spring from? And I thought Bostic had something already worked out to play two years at the Diamond anyway.
What was suppose to be done by Opening Day is now kicked back to August 1st...what a joke.
And what about this short season deal????

Joe said...


Nothing changes with a Short-A team because there aren't supposed to be any talks or it would be considered tampering.

Bostic having an agreement to play at The Diamond doesn't give him a new ballpark. If the team moves and after two years there isn't a new stadium on the way, the team might have to relocate again.

There were other groups interested. MiLB didn't want to hear from them.

This hasn't been pushed back to Aug. 1. These deadlines have been in place for some time. The problem is that Bostic doesn't look like he can make the deadlines.