Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Odds and ends

We can start with Greg's questions in my last post. No, nothing new with the sale. As much as I believe it will happen, I also believe that each day longer this takes that the odds of a collapse increases. What kind of odds do I give it? 90 percent of going through.

For those who are holding out hope that the Defenders/AA ball stays here, if the sale falls apart, the team ain't going anywhere any time soon. My sources tell me that Eastern League President Joe McEachern as well as some higher ups in Minor League Baseball are the driving forces behind the sale. So much so that there might have been a blind eye or two turned away from some tampering months ago. Needless to say, this all comes down to money and Richmond would make more than Norwich. Should this sale not happen, don't be surprised if there are changes on the executive level around the minor league baseball community.

However...don't count on this falling apart. Pieces are still moving slowly such as Richmond ownership getting a two-year lease to play at the Diamond until a new stadium is built.

Regarding a short-season A team coming in, Lou DiBella has told me he wants nothing to do with making any sort of inquiries that might be seen as tampering or put the chances of a team relocating at risk.

DiBella has been pretty upset -- and I believe genuinely so -- over the way everything has played out. At the end of the day, he feels the fans are going to get the shaft because MiLB won't guarantee a team relocates should the Defenders leave.

What else do I have for you...

Simon Klink is back in school at Purdue, where he played college ball.

I don't want to say this is for certain, but after just a few games that I've covered I don't feel as if the clubhouse has meshed as well as it had in years past. Maybe, considering the past results, this is a good thing.

Nothing new pitchers arriving. Steve Decker said the Giants told him nothing as of yesterday afternoon. "Deck" is a lot more forthcoming than his predecessors, so my guess is this is a waiting game. However, pitching isn't the team's big concern. They need to hit, which is as slow developing as the Earth's plates shifting into the next expected land formation (200 million years from now, give or take a century or five).


Joe said...

I had a comment that vanished, but it said that it is nice to see an organizational philosophy and thought that Decker could be the big league skipper some day.

Yes and Yes.

The Giants are tired of taking a beating. They also know they haven't exactly drafted the best position players, so if there is an emphasis on how you play, then smarts can help bridge the gap.

Decker is the Chosen One. I told Charlie Dowd last year I thought Decker would be here this season. If he can turn this team around in say, the next two years, it will be bye bye Bruce Bochy and hello Steve Decker in San Francisco.

greg8370 said...

This team will set a new franchise record for least number of home runs hit in a season. Current record is 77 set in 2006.
And I'm real curious as to how this single A deal shakes out.

thehondohurricane said...

It's been reported that Alderson, Bumgarner, and Crawford are on the way . I'm upset about Crawford because it will probably sit Bocock. The hitting is so poor throughout the team, I can't understand why the Giants don't find a hitting guru and move him to Norwich. For those of you who remember, Ted Williams made a hitter out of Eddie Brinkman and someone should be able to do it with Bocock. The guy is to good a defensive player to give up on him.