Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Into the blog mailbag...

Mdeep04 asks: If this deal doesn't go through does this mean.
A- AA baseball again next year
B- They attempt to do this deal again next year
C- Lou Dibella still not continue next year but that means that Giants AA has no place to go.

A. It doesn't mean necessarily that there's AA ball here next year. It means that Bryan Bostic won't own the team. Lou DiBella could move the team and take on Richmond-area partners, he could form a partnership with Bostic/others, another ownership group (there were a few Minor League Baseball ignored) could step up and make this happen quickly, Erie could be relocated (easily because its ownership has teams throughout the country) or there are no teams moving.

B. Could this be re-tried next year? Yes. But the circumstances will have to change. However, I don't see that happening. All of the sale talk may have done irreparable harm to the city-team relationship and the Defenders and or DiBella may have to go. The problem with it being just DiBella and not the team is there has been essentially no outcry to keep the team.

If people demonstrated a desire to keep THIS team in town, things could change. But people are going to want to see sustained support -- something that hasn't happened in a decade.

C. One way or another, the team will have a home in 2010.

Greg asks: What's the vibe in Richmond?

The people are split between wanting and team and not. Those who don't think it might be worth waiting a few years for a better situation, i.e. building a new stadium. The others don't want the plan Bostic is pushing. It's the same as me asking all of you to build me a house. Then I'm going to charge you to come in and sit. I'll charge you again if you want food. Meanwhile, he makes all the money.

A funny side note. Bostic was supposed to come on the radio after me today on Richmond's 910 AM. He canceled saying he had a funeral to attend. Sounds like he knows his deal is dead.


greg8370 said...

It's a mess. The EL wants out of Norwich and hitched it's wagon to Bostic. Richmond is going to reject Bostic. The EL is now looking to get Erie in there somehow instead? Does Lou move/sell the Defenders to Erie?
I know there is some sort of gag rule about short season A ball coming here in 2010 but the lack of even a rumor or two bothers me.
Meanwhile at Dodd the weather this spring has been awful--hope folks start showing up when school gets out.
Lots of questions and no real direction. Lots of dates thrown around--before Opening Day, beginning of May, end of May, and August 1--when does something happen?
And did the club ever totally pay up with the city or is there still money owed?

thehondohurricane said...

Where to begin? The easy part... those of you who know me know how much I enjoy minor league ball. So why is it so tough to go to a game this year? Many issues, few resolutions.

Management is nonexistent. Key people who left last year were not replaced. No one is out promoting the team, beating the bushes for fans. Advertising is down thanks in part to the economy, but losing Foxwoods and AT+T and John Deere?

A lot of the electronics still do not work and probably won't again.

The local media has stopped covering the team regularly. Who is supposed to spread the word?

The lack of "juice" at the ballpark this year has hit rock bottom. How can anyone get excited when 100 people or less show up?

The weather has been the same for New Britain. Anyone checked their attendance? And population isn't the whole answer.

Last Friday they had a decent crowd (4400+) and there were three concession stands open and they were half staffed. Waiting lines existed before 6:00PM.

Only one week day day game so far and NOT ONE SCHOOL BUS IN THE PARKING LOT, NOT ONE.

All the press about the sale, is it on, is it off, isn't helping, but not much can be done there. It's news and reportable.

This has now gone far beyond Louie's inadequate management style and it's reached hopeless in my opinion. Anyone who financed a team in Norwich next year would have to be loco or in search of a write-off.

And the worst part of it is after six years of lousy teams, the Giants have finally put a team on the field that looks like it can compete for an entire season. And no one cares but a few of us!

mdeep said...

Thank you for taking the time to discuss my questions.

thehondohurricane said...


I fell into the trap of relying on info without validating it. My apologies to AT+T who have a huge advertising sign to the left of the batter's backdrop in centerfield. i won't reveal my source, but his first name begins and ends with the same letter.

greg8370 said...

Well that lets Gregory off the hook..