Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The latest

It appears Bostic added Ryan-Sanders Baseball as a partner to get around the territorial position issue. What this means is if Ryan was going this road alone he would have needed to speak to Lou DiBella. He hasn't. So he becomes a partner and Ryan-Sanders only has to be satisfied with what they hear from Richmond tomorrow. That's right -- Reid and Reece Ryan are en route to Richmond -- to meet with the Mayor, EL president Joe McEacharn and tour The Diamond, among other things on the schedule.

Expect the sale of the Defenders to come through next week.

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greg8370 said...

Now what?....and you're becoming a radio star in Richmond.
With Bostic gone will the Ryans put something together or will they look it over and walk away? They seem like a cautious lot.
Has anything changed in Richmond since you're last radio appearance--did opposition to Bostic finally get to a tipping point or did he just never have the bucks and ran out of time and BS?
Does anyone in Richmond even care about baseball anymore after this dog and pony show with Bostic?
McEachern keeps bringing up this pledge to the mayor about getting a team down there. I think he might want to start inventing a bit of wiggle room for himself and his job, like blaming the economy-- which is everyone's get out of jail free card these days.