Sunday, May 10, 2009

Alderson fantastic

Six 2/3 of no-hit, 10-K baseball. That's what Tim Alderson did in his Double-A debut Sunday against the New Hampshire Fisher Cats. I don't care who you ask, that exceeded everyone's expectations.

There was a lot in his favor, such as facing new batters he had never seen and just being generally a good pitcher. But the 'Cats have some decent bats and he made them look bad.

If he stays here the whole season -- which we learned last year is asking A LOT -- Defenders fans could be in for a treat. Now, Madison Bumgarner, who is widely considered to be better than Alderson, takes the hill tomorrow at New Britain.

What are the odds the bats come to life soon? Now, that would make for an interesting summer at Dodd Stadium.


greg8370 said...

Joe, are you going to New Britain for the game?

Joe said...

Nope. I'm needed on the home front. Although, I might try to catch some of the day game Wednesday on my own time.