Thursday, April 05, 2007

Go away snow

I went about half way before being called back. From Thompson to Worcester, the conditions deteriorated rapidly. I don't want to know what was ahead of me.

As it stands, I would doubt highly that tomorrow's game will be played either. My guess is they may try to squeeze in two Saturday, but I doubt it since there is more precipitation forecasted.

Dave Machemer told me tonight that he is pretty certain the snow created logistical problems for at least some players. Some of those new to Norwich were going to wait until the team returned from the road trip to Portland and New Hampshire before they cemented housing plans. For now, they are staying at the team hotel.

Four games were given the ubiquitous PPD. It will be interesting to see if anyone gets in more than two games this weekend.


greg8370 said...

Hey Joe,

Are you going on the road for all the games this season?


Joe said...


I won't be on the road for every game. I'll be at whatever games played in Portland this weekend and after that it will be wait and see. I hope to get to Trenton and Binghamton at least once this season.