Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The roster is set

Lots of familiar faces at Dodd this season. From the looks of it, most of the Giants quality prospects are everywhere but Norwich. But there are a few guys worth keeping an eye on and a few who need to stay healthy in order to get their careers back on track.

Returning: Begg, Broshuis, Espinelli, Petersen, Matos, Jennings, Ishikawa, McMains, Wald, Horwitz, Requena and Martinez-Esteve.

The team also has just two lefty bats and two switch hitters. There are two southpaws, both coming out of the pen.

The rotation looks like this: Begg, Broshuis, Ben Cox, Nick Pereria and Darren Sack.


melottfan said...

any insight on the 5 or 6 guys who supposedly quit this weekend?

Joe said...

From what I understand, they didn't quit, they were just re-assigned to minor league camp. Of the group, I can't imagine Scott Munter being too happy about going to Triple-A Fresno. He didn't exactly seem thrilled when he was sent from San Francisco to Norwich last year and was dying to get back to the bigs. He just didn't want to be in the minors. I guess when you get a taste of the show, you don't want anything less. Can't blame him.

Kevin Cunningham said...

Thanks for the update, Joe. I look forward to reading your stories and checking this blog all season!

Interesting roster. There was a report of five guys (not on the Giants 40-Man roster) in AZ who quit over their assignments within the minor leagues system, including an ex-Defender in Andy Busch, but no one else was named. Guys like Aaron Sisk and Joe Bateman really stand out in not being on any of the Giants' 40-Man Rosters.

That said, there's a few strengths here. The rotation is solid, particularly if Broshuis can bounce back, and the bullpen is very strong even if Bateman isn't there.

The offense is solid, and really needs Ishikawa to hit like he is capable of. It'll get better once Eugenio Velez gets out of extended ST (Apparently, he's still recovering from injuries suffered in the collision with Nate Schierholtz).

Here's to a great 2007!

thehondohurricane said...

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