Thursday, April 19, 2007

Ringing the bell

During a pitching change at New Britain Stadium, the hillarious video clip from Saturday Night Live where the cast does its version of "Behind the Music" with Blue Oyster Cult was aired on the big screen.

For those not familiar with the clip, it is where Will Ferrell is playing the cowbell.

It has nothing to do with baseball, but it makes me laugh.


greg8370 said...

Hey Joe,

Dodd was showing that SNL clip last year as well.
Good to see you going up to NB. How many people do you really think were in the stands mid game tonight?

Joe said...

We're going to have someone else covering the rest of the series, but I am glad I was there tonight. I got to talk with Jesse Floyd and Brian Buscher.

The announced attendance was a lot higher than the actual attendance - just like at Dodd Wednesday. My guess is there was 500 people, tops.

greg8370 said...

thanks for the TI update!