Monday, August 03, 2009

The odds

Someone told me Sunday that the Defenders are nowhere near a likely playoff team. In case anyone is of similar thought:

* The Defenders own the largest lead over a second-place team of ANY team in ALL of Minor League Baseball

* If the Defenders play .500 (17-17) from here out, New Britain would have to play 27-7 or .794 baseball just to tie. The Rock Cats would have to go 28-6, or .824, to win the division.


Batboymeister said...

Does this mean that the Defenders could possibly collapse from their chances of clinching playoff birth (like the '07 and '08 NY Mets) after being in first place since mid April or be eliminated from either rounds of the playoffs?

david said...

i just hope the giants don't pull any of our players too soon. do you think they might send buster posey down for the playoffs? i know some teams like to give prospects playoff experience. by the way saturday night's doubleheader was great, let's hope there is a championship this year. i was there when the ravens won in 2000 and it was a blast!

Joe said...

Batboymeister — it means that the Defenders would have to play their worst baseball of the season and the teams behind them would have to play better than anyone in EL history (for a month) to knock out the Defenders.

David — All signs are that no one else should be called up. Does that mean it won't happen. Of course not. The Fans can only hope.

Joe said...

Don't expect Posey to show up here. The Giants like Jackson Williams and to bring Posey here means that Williams sits and Posey has to learn a new set of pitchers (and vice versa) for the playoffs.