Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I want your input

The season is almost done -- with a few more weeks plus playoffs, that is -- and I am gathering photos from the team's history. If you have any you would like to submit for consideration, e-mail me.

Also, I am putting together an all-time Navs/Defs team. Who do you think belongs? Why?
Put it here and in a few weeks I will release the team members in the paper.


greg8370 said...

Joe--re: the All-time list--Yankees and Giants?
Re: pics--is there a pic of anyone you need from 2002 to the present?

Joe said...


Any pic works and as many as you want considered.

As for players, both organizations.

Pat said...

From the Yankees - John Rodrigues, Marcus Thames, Eric Almonte, Andy Phillips, Alfonso Soriaono, Nick Johnson, Mike Cervenak and Donnie Leon - Why ? because they were all fan friendly.

From the Giants - Pat Misch, Matt Cain, Travis Isikawa, Merkin Valdez, Pablo Sandoval, Fred Lewis and Kevin Frandsen - again, because they were fan friendly when they were here.

greg8370 said...

"The Mayor"-- Mike Cervenak whose 4 years here bridged both the Yankees and Giants and was one of the best players to past thru here.

Jake Wald and Derin McMains--best double play combo and music stars in their own rights.

Chris Begg--another long time Navs/Defender who dominated and should have made the bigs and a Canadian citizen.

Mike Lowell-- my all-time fav Navigator who despite this current Red Sox status still brings a smile to this Yankee fan whenever I see him.

Chris Curry--long time backup catcher who always had time for the fans, smiled, shook your hand and looked you in the eye.

Bob Stanley--I know you asked for players but the Steamer can't be overlooked even to this Yankee fan.

Eugenio Velez--sure was fun to watch running the basepaths.

Doug Clark--underappreciated, should have gone futher

Andy Phillips--great ball player, a monster half season in 2002, plus I got to talk about him to Brian Cashman during the Rocket's rehab stint here

thehondohurricane said...

I wanted to get this posted before the "Official Announcement" is made and I understand it is imminent.

My list excludes the Yankee years because I was still working for a living and didn't follow the EL closely at the time.

Here we go!

RHP: Chris Begg Only because of longevity and no one else stands out. Excluded Cain because of his snotty personality.

LHP Pat Misch My all time favorite Nav/Def. I still believe he will achieve success in the Bigs. He's too tough minded to fail.

Closer Brian Wilson He had a terrific year at Dodd. Lots of other candidates for this role that would be hard for me to argue against.

Catcher Pablo He changed the team completely around in his short time at Dodd. Best hitter ever for the team. Next choice would be Knoedler. He was solid defensively and had a OK bat.

Ist base Cervenak. Probably the most consistent player, year in, year out ever to play at Dodd. TI is my 2nd choice.... us lefthanded first basemen have to stick together.

2nd base Eugenio Velez Like Pablo, he changed the teams personality. And it was so much fun watching him stretch all those doubles into triples.

3rd base Brian Buscher The best fielding 3rd basemen ever at Dodd (I never saw Lowell) who became a decent hitter his second time around. The Giants lost Brian to the Twins in the Rule 5 draft and he has been a fixture in Minnesota for a couple of years now.

SS Jake Wald. Another personal favorite who gave everything he had. I hope he gets to spend a few days in the Bigs before he calls it quits.

OF 1) Nate Schierholtz Until his bat woke up, it was fun watching him show off his arm. Played with a lot of enthusiasm. 2) John Bowker. He destroyed the myth about Dodd, hitting for average and with power. 3) Doug Clark. He gave the effort and enjoyed doing it. A local guy to boot.

Manager Steve Decker This is a no brainer when you look back on what preceded him. He taught this team to use the stadium, not to bitch about it,

UNUNG HERO Dodd Stadium This ballpark has taken so much abuse, mostly from people who have never been here , nor have they been to Connecticut. I'll miss the Defs, but I'll miss the stadium as much, if not more.

I'm sure there are a bunch of worthy players I've forgotten and, of course, there are many I chose to forget about a third of the way into the season!

greg8370 said...

Mentions should include All-Time great batboy Jared Allen and the front office and game day staffs who every year provide outstanding guest service.

Count me in with Kung Fu Panda

greg8370 said...

Got to put Brett Pill on the all-time list now. He's sitting with 92 RBsI with three weeks to play and the franchise record is 100 by Donny Leon in 1999.
He now has more than any Giants farm hand beating out Mike Cervenak's 91 RBIs in 2003.