Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Why the Giants don't win

Brian Sabean, the Giants GM, makes the worst trades/decisions and has horrible timing.

OK, I know that San Fran trumps Norwich. The Tim Alderson trade for Freddy Sanchez had nothing to do with the Defenders. But it was a bad deal to send one of your best prospects, whether he will ever be good or not, for a borderline all-star on the downside of his career. Could the Giants have though so little of Alderson?

Now the Defenders' pitching staff is a mess that required several position players to take the mound. What a joke! Is it worth injuring these guys over poor planning?

And what of Connecticut's rotation? Bumgarner, Maday, Broshuis, English and then who? Henry Sosa might be done for the year, Alderson is gone. Could use Scott Barnes but he, too, was traded. The Giants need to bring up Craig Clark from San Jose.

Unintentionally, the Giants find ways to put the screws to this team every year it seems.


Harold said...

If it makes you feel better, the howling among educated fans in the Bay Area is fairly loud right now.

Why this couldn't have been delayed until tomorrow morning is another question as well; Sanchez wasn't going anywhere, literally - he was told not to take the charter and fly to his folks' place in Arizona. You'd think the Giants cared enough about their other prospects even if they're not prospects to plan this out.

One question: there has been some talk about Alderson's velocity, control, and movement being subpar for a little bit. Was there anything about the last few starts that had brass worried?

Joe said...


I've heard that Alderson's contol needed work but nothing terrible. His velocity wasn't where the Giants wanted it, but that was also an area believed to be workable. Not sure on movement.

At any rate, Alderson didn't project to be an ace but to give him away?!?!

I want to know how do talks that focused on named like Bowker and Lewis, to name two, turned into Alderson.

This is the best move -- and only smart move -- made by Pittsburgh's staff in years

thehondohurricane said...

I'm wondering where the pitching replacements (1 starter & a minimum of 2 relievers ) is going to come from. Anyone know what Chris Begg is up to these days?

greg8370 said...

"unintentionally" ?????

david said...

I am a big Defenders fan and I come from Milford about 70 miles away. I was wondering what the story is on 2010? Is there any news on a NY-Penn League team next year? Vermont, Oneonta, Jamestown & Batavia seems to be the rumors, anyone know for sure? By the way the Alderson trade was horrible for the Giants. David

Joe said...


The Defenders, unofficially, are gone after this year. At least as a Double-A team. There is talk of a NYP team, but I wouldn't expect an announcement until October. It's going to be either Jamestown (Florida) or Vermont (Nationals).

david said...

hey joe-thanks for the info, i think a ny penn team would be great. i love going to dodd stadium and i think it's a crime more people in the area don't support the team. check the MLB all star game each year and see how many ex-eastern leaguers are there. losing a team is devastating, we have lost the ravens here and the AA teams in bristol and waterbury and it was a real drag. people will only miss it when it's gone. the ny-penn is a good league i have gone to a lot of parks in the league. i think norwich can support it in the summer months. if you think the defenders attendance is bad, have a look at the florida state league! do you think if a new team does come there will be a name change?