Friday, August 28, 2009

Getting it right...sort of

Voting is in for the Eastern League's All-Star team and two Defenders made the team. I'm curious to one omission though.

First, let's congratulate 1B Brett Pill and 2B Brock Bond for making the team, as they should. They are, in my mind, candidates 1 and 1A for MVP, although I am certain that Akron's Carlos Santana will get it.

I thought Eddy Martinez-Esteve deserved to make the team as either an OF or DH. Other than being 30 runs behind Quintin Berry, EME has significantly better numbers.

My bigger bone of contention is the LH starer spot going to Joe Savery over Madison Bumgarner.
Savery: 12-4, 4.41, 112.1 IP, 111 h, 77 K
Bumgarner: 9-1, 1.91, 99 IP, 76 h, 68 K.

There just isn't an argument that Savery is better.


thehondohurricane said...

The BA against for each player makes the argument for Bumgarner even stronger.

Geno Espineli Fan said...

Bums should have made it. i would have considered patterson and otero aswell

info said...

My understanding is that he was one inning shy of qualifying.