Thursday, July 02, 2009

Where do we go from here?

The Eastern League doesn't want the verdict of Wednesday's meeting getting out, so I assume there is a gag order in place with a substantial fine attached for good measure. All indications are that the Defenders are gone after this season.

While it's not official in the press conference sense, don't hold out for anything different. It'll be a tougher pill to swallow even after everything that has gone on here.

On the flip side, I like the chances of a NYP team moving in. The Nationals' affiliate in Vermont is an outside contender, but the Jamestown Jammers (Marlins) are the front runners.

It isn't a lock, though. My understanding is that if attendance suffers at Dodd here on out, there won't be a team. That means when you go to a game, bring a friend.

Anyhow, I suspect that the EL will make some sort of announcement before month's end.

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